Awkward and Awesome Thursday

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  • Second day of Tuesday/Thursday classes, I sit outside a class for five minutes, then walk in once the doors are opened. Sit down, get out my iPad ready to take notes. Look around. Don’t recognize anyone. Tell myself I need to get better at remembering faces. Teacher walks in. He’s a man, my teacher is supposed to be female. Then he asks everyone to get out their intro to Psych books and it dawns on me that I’m in the wrong class.
  • Once I finally get into class, my teacher announces that for our quiz we’re going to play Jeopardy, which is no biggie. I studied HARD all weekend. So when she asks for volunteers for team captains and no one raised their hand, my magically shot into the air. Which led to a disaster. First of all, the quiz seemed to be over everything but what I studied. Second of all, I had to listen to three answers from my team and pick the right one. Third, we lost BAD to the boys. 2400-1600. Remind me to never volunteer again.
  • Monday my dad took me to get some more of my books. We’re trying to buy as many of them as e-books as possible, since I have my handy dandy iPad now. 1)Apparently e-books aren’t as wide spread as we thought. 2) I grabbed one of the little papers for the book I needed. We walked downstairs to pay. Paper doesn’t have UPC code. So we go back upstairs and find out none of the papers for that book do, so we bring the actual book downstairs. Sent back upstairs to get  barcode from help desk. Go back down to pay. Then back up because they messed up our order.
  • I lost a follower.
  • Since I’m such a good daughter, I went down to the ATM for my mom to get cash. We live in Texas, which obviously means extreme heat that led to a warped debit card. So I put it in the ATM, do the transaction and just as the cash is about to come out, the card gets stuck trying to come out of the machine. Long story short, I called customer service and they said her card had been shredded. I didn’t get cash. And it was awful.


  • Losing a receipt, and finding out E had found it and put it in the book I was returning, the night before my last day to return it.
  • In my Psych lab, the GTA asked us to all introduce ourselves and say something we did this summer that was interesting so obviously I mentioned the only thing I really did this summer, Miss Texas. Which ended in me getting a standing ovation in the middle of class. HOLLA!
  • Bingo study break with E last night. We were SO close to winning. Two more numbers!
  • Toby cuddling up to my towel and passing out.
  • Parents who help me pay for my educational endeavors.

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Alana Christine said...

bahahahaha. You would go to the wrong class! I definitely learned the never volunteer lesson the hard way, too.