Awkward and Awesome Thursday





  • I have a lot of bright ideas. And I’d say 47% of them revolve around me getting coffee. So Monday on my way to pick up Mom’s friend from the gym, I decided I wanted to stop at McD’s and get my all time favorite coffee. So I pull into the drive thru, go to pay, and realize I have enough money if I pay in change. I sat at the window counting out all my pennies and quarters, then making the woman double check my math because I can’t count worth anything. I got my coffee though.
  • At Target, I’m waiting in line and there’s this little girl waiting in line with her mom naming all the things at the check out line she wants for Christmas. Like the fruit snacks and this little toy phone. Then she looks at me, looks back at her mom and loudly announces “MOM, I don’t want that girl for Christmas. She looks TOO unhappy” Three points for sassyness. Side note, I told this story to E and all he said was “Well, why did you look unhappy? You were in Target”
  • Realizing my little brother is a better driver than I am. Definitely a low point in my day.
  • I found this website on Pinterest that let’s you upload a picture and turns it into a coloring page. I had another bright idea to do this, color and give it to E as a random present. Until I started coloring. I wanted it to look exactly like the picture. Which brought me to the problem that he’s really tan, and I’m really not at all. And that I chose a picture with sunglasses. Moral being, we both just look straight up cray.
  • I’m using a new toothpaste that’s cheaper but is supposed to still whiten as well as mine does. Except it tastes disgusting.
  • Realizing that some of my favorite Miss Texas sisters are only a year older than my little brother.


  • E’s birthday is the 24th, which is the second day of classes for me so Saturday we’re going to a water park with his best friend and best friend’s girlfriend. I’m so excited. I used to go to water parks every July, but haven’t since junior year of high school. Helllllo, Lazy river.
  • Old Navy has cute clothes now. I’ll post all my back to school picks tomorrow, but just know Old Navy is winning so far in the race for who will be getting the majority of my clothing budget this fall.
  • The owl lipgloss holder E got for me.
  • Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is this weekend. Texas is represented GORGEOUSLY by such a sweet girl.
  • Syllabus’ are up! Does it make me a nerd that I get excited when they’re up?

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