I’m not really sure what we’re going to talk about today. I mean, I had a schedule but it just doesn’t feel like something I want to write. So I guess we’ll just play it by ear.

According to Instagram today is National Best Friend day. Which is cool and all, and I’ve gotten to see lots of pictures of people with their best friends but it’s kinda weird. Like how do you know someone is your best friend? And how awkward would it be to post a picture and be like “NATIONAL BEST FRIEND DAY LOVE YOU!” but you’re not their best friend? Maybe that’s a talk you’re supposed to have. Wait scratch this, someone just posted on Instagram National Best Friend day is June 8th. So why are we celebrating today?

I also have important stuff to do today, like go sell books, go to UPS and go to Physical Therapy. Have I even started thinking about getting out of bed to get ready? No. I did get out of bed to brush my teeth and get coffee, though. Priorities.

Which are going to have to change when school starts in two weeks and I have to study like a crazy person constantly. The good news, though, is that biology is my hardest class this semester. And guess who loves biology so much he majored in it AND has been talked into helping me study?


I’ve heard the Physical Therapy is super painful the first few times. So I was semi-nervous. But then I watched Oscar Pistorius race and decided that if he could overcome EVERYTHING he’s dealt with and make it to the Olympics, I could handle a little PT no problem.

Toby is coming over to my computer and crying, which I think means it’s time for him to go outside and me to stop blogging. Either that or he hates this post and thinks I should’ve let him write it. Whatever.


Sarah Cherney said...

Hahaha, your puppy is such a cute little guy!! I just want to cuddle with him lol!

modern Suburbanites said...

such a cute pup!


Alana Christine said...

He is so stinkin cute! (I'm referring to the dog, but it applies to the boy toy, as well).

Miss you@

Breenah said...

Would it be tacky if I posted a picture of me and chocolate? Haha!
LOVE the picture of Oscar!

Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Hahaha! Soooo cute :)