Summer Weekends

Does anyone else have a hard time differentiating between weekends and weekdays during the summer? Since I’m not working this summer, every day feels like the weekend to me. And it’s starting to mess with my head. I can’t remember what day it is, or why certain places are closed especially since ALL I want is for them to be open. I thrive on schedules, plans and lists so to not have a set structure is a blessing and a curse all in one. The best part of my summer weekends though is the lack of responsibility I’ve had since I stopped competing. I’ve gotten to spend lots of my actual weekends with E, going on adventures.

This weekend I made Toby (and E’s puppy, Chloe) home made puppy treats. They took four ingredients, and seemed to be well liked. (recipe found here)

E is the best ever and changed my oil for me. AND let me sit in his room with Chloe since it was mega hot outside. She’s only six months old, so she’s still willing to cuddle up to you and sleep when you lay down. Seriously the cutest thing ever.

Where I live there is no such thing as a dollar theater. You either pay ten dollars, or you don’t go. Where E lives, there is a theater that charges $1.75 for evening shows, and $1.25 for day shows. So Friday night we went to go see Hunger Games, complete with a lovely family sitting behind us who brought three toddlers and a six month old baby to the 10PM showing and then talked loudly the entire time. 

Toby made sure to get his fair share of bonding time in, even if he’s not as big a fan of cuddling as Chloe.

I discovered the incredible taste of International Delights Iced Coffee. Seriously, I’m straight up addicted to McDonald’s iced coffee, but this may be my replacement. It’s cheaper, tastes just as sweet and doesn’t require me to leave the house. Win, win.

I wasn’t feeling good Sunday, so I spent some time stalking Pinterest and found the College Prepster. Which meant that I moved on from Pinterest and started stalking her. And in my stalking, I found the idea for the Instagram book marks I posted about yesterday. I picked mine up yesterday afternoon and here’s the final result!

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