College Pet Peeves

  1. Girls who wear spandex Volleyball shorts to class. I don’t get it. Victoria’s Secret sells underwear that’s bigger than those dang shorts and it creeps me out.
  2. People who spread their legs really wide during lectures, and rub their legs all over your stuff. Hello, there’s limited space for EVERYONE and I don’t want you rubbing on my stuff just because you aren’t satisfied with your space.
  3. People who sit in class, and constantly interrupt the professor to try to offer “help” that really has no correlation to the class because they’ve never taken it before. A close second is people who ask questions every two seconds.
  4. Classes that are only at one time a semester. Because then people like me are stuck with four hour breaks between each class.
  5. Parking. Last semester I was spoiled with 8ams that granted me super close and wonderful parking. Now, with late classes, I’m lucky to even find a spot in the first lot. Not okay.


Alana Christine said...

haha. The same things used to annoy me!
I started sitting far away from people and parking in a back parking lot.

Michelle said...

I hate when people never shut up in class. Stop asking so many questions!

Hannah said...

Haha omg I hate the people that sit in the front row and ask all the questions and then answer the professor's hypothetical questions. SO ANNOYING! And my favorite has to be when I was in a lecture class and the person behind me kept blowing their nose and dropping their tissues on the ground. Let's just say the ground was sloped and I got some nice little surprises under my feet. Sick.