Awkward and Awesome Thursday



  • Syllabus changes that result in you missing a major assignment. My syllabus grade is supposed to replace the missing grade, and will probably be better than what I would’ve gotten on the assignment but still. If the class is online, I’m not actively stalking the syllabus for changes. So tell me when you do it. Duh.
  • Going to the Nickel Arcade with E, and having to fight off little kids from stealing our games. (Not that we actually hurt them. More like. We’d go to a game, and they’d push us aside to play it.)
  • Netflix taking intervention off of instant streaming.
  • Stale tortilla chips. And the fact that the staleness has not deterred me from eating them.
  • 6% of applicants get into graduate school for clinical psych. In the whole country.


  • Going to my ortho yesterday and finding out the tumor is shrinking, today will be my last day of physical therapy AND all the weird issues that the PT noticed are common in females with my body type so I’ll be okay.
  • Prison Wives is still on Netflix. I’m addicted.
  • Riding in the Texas State Fair opening day parade tomorrow.
  • Surviving a week that was nothing but tests.

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Michelle said...

That's crazy that it's only 6%!