Girl Behind the Blog: Influence


Recording a vlog is always so awkward. There are so many little things to nitpick and feel weird about putting out there for everyone to see. But lucky you, I have a test to study for, so I limited myself to five tries before I just let it be. So if you’ve ever wondered what influence me, it’s your lucky day. Have at it.




Erin said...

You are so pretty, friend! I think it's awesome that your blog is being used to influence others to be loving towards others - that is so important and meaningful!

How amazing that you've been using your platform to speak truth to young women about guys, self-worth, and beauty! You're a great role model.

Ps - just found ya on Instagram & now following! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna! This was sweet... nice to meet another blogger who's not (yet) a mama or wife! :) Love all those mamas, but sometimes it's nice to meet someone who shares the same chapter of life.
I'll be honest that I used to dismiss pagaent girls until I lived with one who become one of my best friends. She, like you, used pagaents as a platform to be a great positive influence, particularly on young girls. You both are an amazing reminder not to judge someone by a stereotype (hope that doesn't sound totally awkward or weird)! Thanks for using the opportunities God gives you.

Anonymous said...

Surrounding yourslef with people who push you to leave your comfort zone is SUCH a positive thing.. glad to hear that you're doing this. And there is so much more to life than Jersey Shore haha. Glad you linked up!!

Illegally Blonde said...

Just so proud of you!

Beka Fox said...

great job. :)

Chelsea said...

I knew you looked familiar! I had a friend that competed in Miss Texas and I saw you at a couple of local pageants :) I think it's great that you're using Miss McKinney to help girls find their worth in healthy places- just like God placed Esther as queen with a specific purpose He will use you through this!!