Flying Away

I’ve changed my name. Or my blog name rather. I’m still planning on answering to Anna.
Right now, my life seems to be a series of jumps and starting lines. Growing up, finding my passions, building a support group of my own. Being an adult. In the last year, I’ve started to say good bye to being a kid and to my comfort zone. I’m flying away from childhood.
I’m United Methodist, and one of the things I’ve always loved about my church is the hymns. There’s just something so beautiful about them, and looking around seeing a group of people singing with you. I’ll Fly Away has always been one of my favorites.
And that’s where we’ve ended up. This started out as a way to chronicle my outfits, and has turned into a map of my journey through growing up. And flying away from being a kid. So far now, I’ll be going by I’ll Fly Away.


GingerPeachT said...

oh i love the new name!! I also love that hymn. Growing up can be a hard lesson to learn but worth it :-)

Illegally Blonde said...

love it! and the new design.

Sarah Cherney said...

Ooh I like the new layout. That's great that you're changing the name and layout of the blog. Keep up the great work Anna!

Sarah Cherney said...

I forgot to mention, once you get new banners, let me know so I can update mine on the blog. :D

Alana Christine said...

Love the name and the meaning!

Cami said...

Oh I am LOVING it!!