Vintage Anna stories

Anna Milkstach
  • Once I did a rain dance. It rained. I’m still not positive there was any correlation, nor do I understand how I had friends after doing so. In fact, if people still talk to me after revealing that fun little tidbit, I’m impressed.
  • Sophomore year I was asked to prom, then had the offer taken back the next day. Apparently he ran over his girlfriend’s dog so she dumped him, and he asked me, then she took him back. Awkward.
  • Right after Hercules came out, I told everyone I had a crush on Hades. As in, Hades the god of the Underworld. I didn’t realize he was the equivalent of the Christian satan. I also didn’t understand why people at church thought I was crazy.
  • One Halloween, I was really excited because we were going to go race pumpkins down a hill. I spent hours finding the perfect one.  My little brother and his friend stole my pumpkin and smashed it. So I took his pumpkin to the race, and he wasn’t allowed to go. I lost the race. But I’m going to use this as proof that I’m the good kid.
  • I don’t remember details from my first days of school. I do however remember every single outfit I wore the first day.


Anna Elizabeth said...

True story: Once my cousin and I did a rain dance, and she got down on the dirt like she was bowing. An ant bit her on the forehead. It didn't rain.

Ketrin Jones said...

I love this post. I want to do something similar!! :)

Have a great rest of the week!