Conversations with my younger self


You’ll mess up. You won’t be perfect even though you try so hard. There will be mountains to climb and struggle to overcome. But you’ll find a way. You’ll start to realize all the people in your life come and go for a reason, and you’ll start learning from everyone who walks in. You’ll question the paths you’ve chosen over, and over again, until your prayers are answered and it all makes sense. You’ll start striving to forge your own path, and you’ll do it. You’ll get to college, make friends with girls who will change your outlook on everything. You’ll fall for a guy who helps all the pieces fall together.

You’ll feel like you’re hitting brick walls, and they’ll scare you. You’ll question why you’re chasing something that seems so out of reach. But then you’ll do it. You’ll be crowned, and share your platform with the whole state. And the biggest mountain you’ve ever climbed will all of a sudden be behind you. School will scare you like nothing else has before. You’ll constantly feel shaken, like you' don’t belong. But slowly and surely, you’ll keep going. You’ll keep pushing, you’ll find a way.

You’ll learn that it’s more important to take care of yourself and your happiness then trying to make everyone else happy. You’ll realize that it’s okay to not be perfect. You’ll start to take in the world. You’ll build your own path.

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