E vs the freakishly-good-at-bear-pong seven year old

2012-10-15 001 289

This weekend needed some relaxing excitement, so E took me to Top Golf, which is kinda like a bowling alley but for golf. While we were waiting for our lane, we played these giant backyard versions of games. Which somehow led to E playing Bear Pong (named such because the cups are bear size, I guess…?) against a seven year old. A seven year old who was good.

Then I learned how to play golf. And that my boyfriend is freakishly good for someone who I never knew golfed. I also learned that if you hit the tee at the right (wrong) angle, your ball will fly two lanes over and hit the woman currently trying to hit her own ball.  But it’s okay because later E and I played giant jenga and I almost knocked myself out. Karma.

Moral of the story: If you have a crazy stressful week, go play golf and you’ll feel better.

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