Just some updates on my spontaneity

My former director called me Saturday night needing one more girl to compete in her pageant, so I un-hung up my rhinestones and headed down. From the time I got the call, to when I was on stage doing swimsuit was only 24 hours, so I wasn’t prepared in the least but it was still a good way to remember when I fell in love with pageants in the first place. And this girl? Can we talk about how awesome she is? Keene aged out this year, so it’s her first season not competing. I texted her the night before the pageant to tell her I was competing, and not only did she show up SCREAMING for me, she teased my hair, styled me and recorded videos. That is why I love pageants. The girls genuinely become your family. 

Last week was my first week out of test torture. I had had a test every single day for a week, and was stressing bad. So E bought me this pretty ring I had been fawning over for the last month. I can’t stop staring at it, it’s perfect and exactly what I wanted.


I also spent my whole weekend super tan, and my Sunday in tons o’ make up. Can we all agree my hair should be the color the filter turned it on a normal basis? And that my fur babies are the cutest things ever? Good.

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Alana Christine said...

Yay for last minute pageants!
Love the ring!
You like like a brunette barbie in the last picture!