I had this great post planned out today, but it's going to go into my drafts folder for next week. This is more important for me to get out.

Lately, I've caught myself in this trap of comparing myself to everyone else and then feeling crappy when I don't measure up.  To the smart kids bragging about studying two hours a week and still maintaining a 4.0. To the girls who seem to have everything in their life perfectly together. They've found the right balance of relationship time, study time and girl time. Nothing seems to faze them at all.

And on one hand, comparisons are fine. Because they can act as motivators and inspiration. But then you risk exposing yourself to these huge moments of self doubt because you don't measure up to how you think their lives are.

We live in a social media age that makes it harder not to run comparisons. I'm constantly plugged into  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever. I'm constantly processing information. I'm constantly taking in details from other people's lives that don't matter. And by the end of the day I can feel all that processing wearing me down. I'm physically drained after spending a whole day plugged into the internet. Comparing myself to the social media versions of everyone else's life.

Maybe it's time to unplug for a weekend. To not focus on anything but what I need. Has anyone unplugged from Social Media for a small period of time? Or does anyone else feel overwhelmed from all the constant updates to keep up with?

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