almost-vacation-clouded-head syndrome

I had this really great idea. I was going to post about all the annoying things that people do on social media, in a list. So I started typing, got through the annoying high schoolers who are always blasting their love, the girls who take a new picture every hour so you know they still look the same, and the oversharing parents. Then I got bored. And if I’m bored writing it, what does that say about the actual post?

I think I have writer’s block today. Because I’m excited. I have a test today, then I’m officially on break for five days. Five glorious days of no homework, no cramming in the library, nothing. Just work (did I mention I’m working retail now, so black friday will be spent selling not shopping?), see my precious niece and nephew, and sleep. And that’s what I need, I’m just completely dead as far as anything mentally stimulating goes.

I blame part of the almost-vacation-clouded-head syndrome on this weekend. My pretty pageant sister’s birthday is Wednesday, so Saturday me and E went to dinner with her. All the other couples there were married, which was weird when I realized it. I’m officially at the age where I know married people, and socialize with them. Ones who aren’t my parent’s friends.

Speaking of birthday parties, what did everyone do for their 21st? Mine is in less than 2 months so it’s time to start planning.

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Natasha said...

I seriously was having the same thought process this morning about people who are constantly asking for free stuff on Facebook or asking questions that google could answer in 5 seconds. drives me nuts! Anyway, have a happy Thanksgiving this week!
xo Natasha