Funny Get Well Ecard: Sorry you're one of those people who seems to get sick all the time.

I woke up yesterday, rushing around to get my parts of the Psych paper done and study for my bio test. At 12:30, I left to drop my mom off at the car repair center and head to class. By 2, my exam had started, and by 2:30 I was driving home in the worst pain I’ve ever had. It felt like my back had a knot or something in it, but no matter what I did the pain wouldn’t stop. My vision kept going in and out. Every time I’d need to move, I had to grip the steering wheel. I finally get home around three, and begin a relay race of bathroom visits, still in major pain. By 3:15, I was throwing up so Mom made a doctor’s appointment for me. The next hour all I could do was lay in bed with my eyes closed, throw up, then go back to laying down. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t even focus on the Dr. Phil I had put on. I was in so much stinkin’ pain.

My brother (who JUST got his license a few hours before) drives me to the doctor’s office, and I’m pretty sure I yelled multiple times that he should just speed and ignore the laws. I’m such a good teacher. Finally I check in, get in the waiting room, and only have to throw up two more times. I’m 99% positive I was looking like straight up death. Plus, I had come home from class and managed to put on basketball shorts, but didn’t change my shirt so I didn’t match at all. The nurse determines my blood pressure is elevated for someone my size, and that the lower left part of my back (where the pain was) is swollen, so they take some samples for testing. While  waiting for the results, I kept wanting to lay down on the table because I felt SO sick, so nauseous and so dizzy, but every time I laid down, the pain got worse. And every time I’d try to sit up, it got worse. Soooo I was kinda stuck in this halfway position. Bargaining with God that if he’d make the pain stop, I’d do anything. I swear, it hurt worse than when I decided not taking pain killers after my knee surgery was a good idea.

Doctor shows up, just in time to witness me throwing up again, and goes over my symptoms with me. Decides I’ve developed a kidney stone. Because I wasn’t having nearly enough weird-o conditions for a twenty year old. Might as well throw something else in, too. I ended up leaving with a shot in each hip, pain killers, antibiotics and some anti-nausea medicine. Which is where the story ends, because honestly after those shots I don’t remember anything but sleeping and eventually passing the stone.

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