Crying uncle

Did anyone else grow up saying “Uncle” when they gave up? E and I ended up in a huge conversation trying to figure this out this weekend, because apparently he grew up saying “Mercy”. Which meant I got a really weird look when I yelled “UNCLE!” mid-arm wrestling match. (Why we were arm wrestling is a whole different story…)

Anyway, I kinda cried uncle/mercy to responsibility this weekend. I just needed a break. It’s gotten to the point in the semester where all I do is study, read, cry about how much I dread tests, then go back to it all. And I was done. D-O-N-E never going back again done. It was time to throw my notes to the wind, so to speak. Lucky for me, my boyfriend is kinda awesome at distracting me from school stuff long enough that I can relax, then motivating me to keep going.

So we spent the weekend watching reruns of Wipe Out and True Crime TV shows, teaching Chloe how to play with fetch and NOT drag her toys out to the middle of the yard, baking the most delicious chocolate cake and watching old movies from our childhood.

Then when Monday rolled along, he handed me money and told me to make sure I got myself food and went to class, because I needed a little motivation to keep trying.

Cuddling with Chloe, what happens when I let E doodle on me, the best tasting drive-thru coffee, my view during the long car ride to see E.

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