How to annoy everyone on your Facebook


  1. Break up with your boyfriend. Post vague, passive aggressive status’ about what happened. Then get back together with him. Repeat three or four times.
  2. Post a “WOE IS ME” status, such as “ I NEED MONEY ASAP” or “omg. worst. day. ever”. Wait until someone offers to let you vent, then inform them the problem is personal.
  3. Send out some game invitations. Then go ahead and send out fifty more in case the first one didn’t go through.
  4. Post at least two selfies a day. Bonus points if your caption says something about how you think it’s a horrible picture, you’re not wearing make up, etc.
  5. Go on company Facebooks and ask for free stuff. (Does this actually result in free stuff…?)


sara with an h said...

hahaha, SO true. I just quoted you on my own fb just for all the annoying people on my newsfeed :)

Emily said...

Amen to this. #nomakeup! is the worst thing to ever happen to facebook.

Alana Christine said...

bahahahahaha. Exactly why I don't have facebook!

Becca Acker said...

lol love the sarcasm. I think FB can easily become a very self-focused social network.


Hannah said...

Hahaha so funny. My friends and I call it "vague-booking" when people post statuses like "omg worst day ever." or a quote clearly relating to something personal in their life.

Rachel said...

haha! Oh man, the one about people who are constantly breaking up and getting back together is the worst!

elise said...

stinkin' hilarious!