Organize me! part 3

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If you’re anything like me, your closet starts to look like this after awhile. I’m a shopping addict, and I never really to stop to think how everything is going to fit. Then I just stuff it in my closet and hope for the best. Oops.
2012-11-07 001 0062012-11-07 001 001

  1. Empty out your entire closet. Your floor/bed/every free surface will look kinda like this, but it’s okay. (Side note, Callie loved having piles to climb and hide in. Toby kept crying and frantically running around. Weirdo)
2012-11-07 001 0022012-11-07 001 004
2. Go through all your clothes and make piles. Jeans, shorts, tank tops,regular shirts, pj’s, hoodies, and things that need to be hung. This is also probably a good time to get rid of those shirts you have, but never wear. Once you have those piles, also go through any stuff that was previously on the floor of your closet, and throw out what you don’t need/find new places/etc.

2012-11-07 001 007
3. Fold everything (unless it’s the stuff that needs to hang) and keep it in it’s pile. Then start with each pile and sort those by color/style. Like, I have all my jeans organized by cut, but my shirts are only sorted by color. However you want, as long as it makes getting dressed in the morning easier.
2012-11-07 001 0152012-11-07 001 016
4. Put all your piles away.
5. Set back and admire how beautiful your closet is.

2012-11-07 001 0222012-11-07 001 0232012-11-07 001 026

I’m curious. Who color codes their closet and who just hangs stuff up?

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