Instead of talking about elections, can we talk about owls?

I mean, I voted last week. And all this political talk is beating me into the ground. I LOVE my country, and having the right to vote. But social media has been nothing but political opinions lately, mainly from people who I’m pretty sure haven’t done research beyond retweeting whatever they see. Which is awesome, be involved. But maybe don’t bash the opposition?
So anyway, I had to go to Target today to pick up a prescription and ended up needing to kill fifteen minutes while they filled it. Which meant I defaulted to look at what owls they had. Normal. They have SO many. I was in owl heaven.
Toss pillow - OwlPatch Owl Candle - LargeOwl Jewelry TreeXhilaration Owl Critter Coin Pouch - BlackXhilaration Owl Critter Media Case Wallet - PinkFox/Bird/Owl OrnamentKnit Owl/Fox/Bear OrnamentSmall Owl DecorWater Globe - Modern OwlNick & Nora Women's Owl Sock Slipper - PurpleOwl DollsNick & Nora Women's Patchwork Owls Flannel Coat Set - Purple/Multicolor

I need them all.

P.S. When looking for pictures from the website for this, I found even more owl things. Feel free to send some to my front door.
P.P.S That secret? Still not finalized. I'm about to mass email everyone I know that can help.


Taryn said...

Can we just vote for owls instead? Esp. the snow globe. :3

sara with an h said...

I'm such a sucker for owls too!! check out tj maxx/homegoods they have SO many!

Janna Renee said...

Haha I look at owls all day, e'r day. Hootie Hoo!!

KerryRose said...

I LOVE owls, and I love this post. Not to sound un-American but...kind of glad the election hub-bub is over. Happy wednesday! :)