Some things you probably don’t know about me

2012-10-30 003 047

Picture by Brandon Trull Photography in the Fort Worth Stockyards

  1. I rarely wear jewelry, and when I do it’s just a ring and a statement necklace. I have my ears pierced twice, and haven’t worn earrings at a non-pageant thing in probably close to an ear. Also, I take all my jewelry off first thing when I get home, minus the ring.
  2. If I could, I would major in organizing. I love it, and the calmness it brings me.
  3. Everywhere I go, people show me owls. I had a girl once come up to me and show me her owl tattoo, because her friend was in a class with me and told her how I love them so much.
  4. I use my Tumblr for more personal things and to reblog funny things. Like gifs. I LOVE funny gifs.
  5. I have a creepy amount of pictures on my phone that are just Callie and Toby sleeping.
  6. I also have an abnormal amount of videos that are just gifs that make me laugh that I forward to my friend.
  7. I say yes too much. I don’t like to disappoint people or letting them down. And then I usually end up doing it anyway because the stress gets to me when I overcommit.
  8. If you take my first name and middle name, then reverse the letters, it’s E’s first name and middle name.
  9. I’d rather go to bed early and wake up early than stay up late and sleep in. I cannot get myself to sleep in.
  10. For whatever reason when someone mentions a career path they want, or something they are interested in, I automatically try to help them network. I just know a lot of cool, talented people I guess. Winking smile

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Janna Renee said...

I always help people network too...It's just one of those things that you can't help but do, if you know how to do it!