I’ve got a secret!

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And it makes me smile really big.

But you know what makes me smile even more than this wonderful secret? Finishing my last midterm for the semester this morning. Just in time, because I was suffering from a major case of burn out. I was on the verge of dropping out completely for a few days, but my mom took me to dinner last night and talked me down. Does anyone else put mega-pressure on themselves to succeed? My mom has her masters, and my dad has his phD/masters, so I think sometimes I feel like I need to push myself to reach their level, without stopping to think it’s okay to do it slowly. Or maybe college really does hate me. Who knows at this point.

Because midterms for two weeks, I spent my Halloween handing out candy, then hiding inside studying. I love handing out candy and seeing all the costumes, but it was getting so ridiculous to try to study while being interrupted every ten seconds.  Plus people in our neighborhood are vicious. If you don’t answer your door right when they ring the bell, they start knocking and throwing things at the door. Maybe even small children, I haven’t confirmed that yet. I did make Toby and Callie dress up, Callie hated it, and Toby ditched the costume within two seconds. He was in love with all the kids coming up to the door, loving on him and dancing with him. Puppies have such a fun life, y’know?

We’ll talk about the grin inducing secret on Monday, I’ve got to finalize some stuff this weekend. But I’m so excited to see how it all comes together!