This one’s for the girls

Stop making him everything. If he doesn’t see how wonderful, beautiful and smart you are, walk away. Don’t give him one more text just in case he lost his phone/it died/he forgot to confess his love. Just leave. If he’s into you, nothing will stop him from letting you know.


I get it, I know. There is something so validating about hearing that one boy that makes your heart flutter tell you you’re beautiful, and amazing. But what makes him so wonderful that his opinion is the defining, end all be all? Why is his the one that gets the final say? He’s just the same as you, just a person. Not a puppy that you need to fix and change, and not a wizard who can instantly fix all your problems.

If you want to go to the mall, do it. If you want to try a new hobby, own it. Go live your life. For you. Based on what you want. Because at the end of the day, he’ll either be beside you, proud to have someone so confident in themselves, or he’ll be off in the sunset and could careless. So why pause your life to try to impress him?

What if you went out and chased your dreams, disregarding all the critics and ignoring that voice in your head that tells you to seek that one boy’s approval before you do anything? What if you let yourself get banged up trying to achieve everything you possibly could, without a thought about what everyone else thought? Especially what he thinks. And what if, because you went out and lived for you, crossing things off your bucket list, developing, growing, becoming more and more awesome? So that eventually, the right boy, whether he’s that one boy or a different and way better boy, comes along and sweeps you off your feet and you have something to offer to the conversation. You’re not his clone. You’re this super incredible girl.

I get it, I swear I do. It’s so tempting to mold yourself into whatever you think the people around you want for you. It’s easy. It means no one is ever disappointed, people are around. But you never grow, you never gain anything from this great big, beautiful world we live in. You stay at a standstill. You never learn to spread your wings and fly.

One boy doesn’t define you.One boy doesn’t measure your worth.

You are still beautiful, wonderful, amazing, smart, funny, caring, kind, loving, nurturing, etc even if he doesn’t act like he notices. And honestly? If he doesn’t notice, he’s blind and an idiot.

You wouldn’t be friends with some girl who constantly ignored your texts, blew you off, and made you feel bad, would you? So why in the world would you want to chase a boy who does?


Being A Lady