Some awkwards and some awesomes





  • After I dropped my brother off at school yesterday, I drove by a bank that was currently surrounded by police with their guns drawn, doors open for cover. Then when I got to school, I witnessed two police chases that were on foot. I promise I had nothing to do with any of the crimes.
  • All this political bashing. I know it’s exciting if your choice won, and disappointing if your guy lost. BUT there is no reason for all this bashing.  I’m so close to just deleting all my social media accounts.Especially if your parents have the income that supports you. If it’s your money being taxed, okay, I can kinda understand a day of venting. But if you rely on your parents to pay for stuff (so like 85% of the people I know) then you aren’t really going to be affected that much are you?
  • That project? Due today. So yesterday I get an email with the paper attached, and open it. My two sections sound nothing like something I would write, nor do I remember writing like that.  So I think to myself “Hey, maybe you just forgot what you wrote! It’s been two weeks! Go check the google doc y’all have been using and see. I bet it’s the exact same.” Log in to Google Docs and all my work is completely deleted. Like, blank sections. So I go in to the revision history, restore all my work. Do a word compare search in word. Both my sections were completely rewritten, without anyone mentioning to me that they were. Then when I said something all I got was. Oh we used your work as an outline. Uhm, no, sorry not okay with that.
  • That secret I’ve been talking about all week. It’s losing it’s steam. But. I’m changing my major to something in communications. I just need to get in touch with my advisor, preferably BEFORE scheduling starts next week.
  • Going to the doctor and her saying “Wow! You’ve gained weight. In a good way, so don’t feel awkward”


  • Midterms are over, Zombie Anna has been slayed and I have some free nights to reorganize my life.
  • If I get home from class with enough time, I’ll go get Toby before I go pick up my brother. So the other day, Toby and I drive over and park right in front of the school. Whenever Toby sees people, he does his little dance, wave thing. So he’s doing it and there’s this group of kids who you can just tell are the “cool” kids. All of a sudden I look over and there’s five of them, baby talking at my window and making kissy faces at my dog. Because NO ONE is too cool for some Toby lovin’
  • This blog, found via Pinterest, that has all sorts of blog design tips. I’ve been obsessively reading through it all.
  • Cleaning out your closet and finding clothes you were sure were lost forever. It’s like shopping, only without the post spending guilt.

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