Why is there a fork in the oven?

(left to right) Caffeine run with Toby, song E wrote me, proof of my sweet n’ low obsession, homemade beef stew, late nights with Callie and cuddle time with the babies after class.


  • This morning I got on the elevator, and a man got on right after me. Normal. But then he looks at me says “Third floor” and just stands there waiting. Even though he’s on the side with the buttons. I was going to third floor, too, so it wasn’t like I was going out of my way, but still. Do I look like a bellhop?
  • Yesterday I ran over to the library before class because my coffee needed more sweet n’ low.  As I’m walking out, I have to walk by this table raising money for the homeless to eat Thanksgiving dinner or something. This girl comes up to me, screaming “DONATE A DOLLAR TO HELP THESE PEOPLE EAT!” But I don’t carry cash on me at school, typically, because there have been multiple times people on campus have asked for money, then you find out it’s a scam. So I’m just wary of any charity raising stuff on campus that hasn’t been announced. So I just said “I’m sorry, I don’t have any money but I’d be glad to donate online” and start to walk away. With my back to her, she starts screaming “THESE PEOPLE CAN’T EVEN AFFORD THAT CUP OF COFFEE YOU’RE HOLDING. ARE YOU CRAZY? GIVE THEM MONEY!” For future reference, all you fundraisers, that’s actually not how you motivate me to empty my wallet to your fund.
  • Insomnia. I usually can take melatonin, or prescribed sleeping medicine and have no issues, but the last week NOTHING works. My doctor even recommended trying melatonin AND the sleep meds together. Still nothing. Plus side, Nickelodeon shows Friends reruns late at night and usually I’m so tired that I’m rolling on my bed I’m laughing so hard. Negative side (besides the lack of sleep), I’m pretty sure last night I laughed so hard that Callie fell off my bed.
  • Opening the oven and finding a completely charred fork hanging out in there. Am I supposed to take it out? Let it stay in there? How long does it need to cool down before I can touch it? HELP!


  • Waking up to an e-mail from Lucky asking to publish this post to their on-line community
  • I’m kind of paranoid about leaving my stuff sitting out at school alone. All the crime bulletins and signs warning against doing say may or may not play a factor in that. But the other day, I really needed to run to the bathroom before class and the friend that’s in the class with me wasn’t there yet, so I had to ask a random person sitting near me. I get back in class, and my friend is sitting between my stuff and the watch person looking super uncomfortable. After I sat down she leaned over and whispered “Why didn’t you wait for me!? I got the stink eye when I sat down next to your stuff!” At least I know I can trust my classmates.
  • Callie wanting to sleep as close to me as possible. It is the sweetest thing to wake up to a cuddly kitten who’s forced her way into my arms and is passed out.
  • Getting to design two blogs for my former director. Someone PLEASE let me play with your design? I need a new project.


Illegally Blonde said...

I'm glad I'm awesome! Love the coffee story, cracks me up!

Alana Christine said...

I would have just told him "Me too" and stood there staring at him until he pushed the button. haha.
I can't believe she screamed at you like that! lol
I feel ya on the insomnia--Friends is super funny when you're exhausted and doped up on sleeping pills!
Congrats on getting published on Lucky!!

P.S. I mean, if you really want to, you can play with my blog header and help me add tabs...if you want to. lol