And it goes a little something like this.

I kept swearing to myself that I was going to blog later that day. But then once I was feeling better to actually, you know, move, I had to start cramming for finals. Then I started working holiday hours and my room resembled the above picture. Like, literally just nudging my huge pile of clean clothes hoping to find something appropriate to wear without causing the whole pile to tumble down. So tonight, a month after my first stone, I cleaned my room. And saw my floor for the first time in ages. It was a miracle. Something about spending the last nine hours folding clothes just inspired me to do the same.

Plus nothing has really happened. The semester of my nightmares is over. I bombed one of my finals, but I kinda saw it coming. I was too sick for class after thanksgiving break and that kinda screws with your attendance grade. Plus, it was the weirdest final ever. I got there five minutes late, then realize I don’t have a scantron.  I run up to the front of the room and ask if I can go buy one really quick. Prof says no, just borrow one. So I have to disrupt everyone to find one. Then I finally sit down, take out my pencil and click it to get the lead out. Apparently I grabbed the one mechanical pencil that is jammed. Y’all. I took an entire 60 question final just holding the lead in my hand. Never again.

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Sarah~Mechelle said...

Sadly I think all bedrooms get neglected at this time of the year. I just found my floor today too!

I'm sorry to hear that exam was a bad one all round. Not good!

Hope you are feeling better!