I’d like to take this moment to be a little dramatic

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And point out that the light has created a halo on my head. HOLLA! Winking smile

So I throw up for three days straight. Go the hospital, explain my symptoms and say numerous times, I’m having back pain like I did two weeks ago when I passed a kidney stone. Doctors tell me no way, no how is my back pain related to more kidney stones. It HAS to be an infection in a completely different organ and the back pain is just from throwing up. Alright, I didn’t go to med school so I’ll let it slide. But then two days later, I’m not better. So I go to my regular doctor, who asks why the only test the hospital didn’t do was to see if I had some more kidney stones. Which is what I was wondering the whole time, but they swore I had no idea what I was talking about. She sends me off for a test ASAP, and we found out today, I have a few stones just hanging out in my kidneys. It’s like I’m running a hotel in there or something. (That was the best attempt at a joke I could think of. This lack of eating/sleeping is getting to me) But anyway, the whole point is the ER failed me, all I can do is lay here with Toby and Callie trying to evict these dumb stones and wait. UGH.


Cortney said...

I feel ya girl! I have 8 just hanging out in my kidneys and passing one freaking SUCKS! I had one lodged for about two weeks and I kept telling my dr it wasn't an infection it was a kidney stone and they didnt do a dang thing but offer me azo! Hope YOU get to feeling better!! Sorry you are hurting :(

Courtney B said...

Oh my gosh.... I'm SO SORRY! Praying you get better asap! And I want to go into your ER and kick their butts... why not test you for EVERYTHING just to be sure? So sorry :(

Alana Christine said...

Ugh! Poor thing! That has to be painful. I'm sorry!

Shelby said...

I love your blog girl!:) Newest follower! I hope you feel better soon though:/