Some resolutions

-to plan at least one outfit a week. No more dressing like a mess.
-keep up with cleaning.
-write more letters.
- read at least one book a month.
-work out.
- stop eating so much Taco Bell.
- take more pictures.
-find a hobby.

Anyone else setting some new goals this year? How do you track your progress?


Anonymous said...

Happy new year! I have a few goals.. like to do a pull up on January 31. I have a bucket list for 2013 on my blog that I'm trying to accomplish.

I definitely need to plan more outfits! I always dress like a slob, and I'm starting to hate it. When I do dress up, I feel better about myself.. and thus I'm in a happier mood. You'll have to show us some of the outfits you plan!


Alana Christine said...

haha. Love the stop eating so much Taco Bell. You're precious.

Mrs in Training said...

I think resolutions are good! However...I eat at Taco Bell at least once a week...and I don't see that ending any time soon ;)