Hey, 2012

You were a good one. I swore to myself that you’d be my year, the best year of my life. And I kept that promise. My only resolution was to be happy. And that’s all I want for 2013. To keep living with the goal of happiness, to keep chasing my dreams.

I set goals for my upcoming birthday

I showed blog world how I write

I competed at Miss Texas

I fell in love, I got closer to the girls who would end up being my very best friends, I changed jobs and I changed my major. I stepped outside my comfort zone, and made myself live more in the moment.

I know supposedly how you ring in the New Year is an omen for how the rest of the year will go, but I’m hoping it’s not necessarily true. For 2012 I spent New Year’s at a casino with my mom. For 2013, I tried as hard as I could to stay awake, but E and I were still both asleep at midnight until mom called and woke me up.

Soooo here’s hoping that 2013 is full of more happiness, more accomplished goals, and less sleep deprivation for everyone.

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