Mall Cop speed chase

So I’m running late for work because of mall traffic. The mall I work at has a road that goes around in a circle, and when it’s crowded parking takes forever since you have to wait for someone to let you in. I finally  see a break in the line, so I just turn. And realize after I’ve turned that all the parking spaces are facing the opposite way I’m driving. Crap. But I can’t turn around yet, because there’s a huge line of cars driving passed me. So I wait. Then comes the mall cop. Complete with bike, sirens, lights. The works. He pulls up behind my car, gets off then knocks on my window. “Ma’am, I’m going to need you to make an EMERGENCY U-TURN immediately or we’re going to have to arrest you” Keep in mind, I have two minutes to park/get in the mall/clock in. That freakin’ u-turn took four different reverses/drive forwards to get around, but I avoided arrest.

Annnnd this is pretty much how I was feeling after that:


Anonymous said...

I didn't know mall cops could make arrests! haha

Mrs in Training said...

Oh god, working at the mall and finding parking at the holidays must be the worst! i feel so bad for you! Yay for no ticket?! haha