Organize me! part 2

Awhile ago I showed you how I schedule everything, so naturally today I’m going to show you how I keep my desk/study area organized. It’s a science. Or something.

Besides my actual desk, I have four main components; class binders, storage for loose papers, storage for text books, and my calendars.
  1. Storage—I use DIY magazine holders to hold printer paper, old class work, and all the online code keys that I get. I also have all my psych today’s in their own holder, but once I change my major officially, that’ll probably change.
  2. Books—I have a bad habit of never wanting to study. So if I have to get up to get something mid-study session, I usually get distracted and end up not studying. I keep my textbooks on a shelf right next to my desk so all I have to do is reach over and grab them.
  3. Schedules—My process on scheduling things and using a to-do list can be found here.
  4. Class binders-- My class binders have no trick to them. The orange one that says Fall 2012 on it just holds all my syllabi and random papers from the semester that I haven’t filed yet. Behind that I have a class project binder, where we have to keep all our assignments for a grade. Then I have a binder I keep the reviews for comprehensive finals in. If the final isn’t comprehensive, I don’t usually save the review.
Then there’s the actual desk/filing cabinet:
I use the three drawer cabinet as labeled. The top drawer has notebooks, folders, etc. Anything that’s a school supply I’m not presently using. It’s on top so I can access it quickly. Underneath that is any old magazines I’m holding onto for inspiration or because I’m too lazy to throw it out. The bottom drawer is for anything craft related. I mean, have you seen my DIY board? I craft (or plan to craft) a lot.
2012-11-13 001 110

I have a fuzzy piece of fabric from an old Halloween costume that I keep where my feet go. It’s softer and warmer than the carpet, and the animals love laying on it so I feel obligated to keep it. (p.s. this is the first picture of my midget toe to ever grace this blog. isn’t it freaky?)
2012-11-13 004 001
Top drawer has stuff I need regularly. I took an old utensil holder and spray painted it, then used each section to hold it’s own thing. Pencils in one, pens in another, sharpies in the next one, then highlighters. I also keep a mini-staplers, extra lead/erasers and a sharpener near by. And sweet n’ low, since I drink my coffee at my desk and don’t want to walk back to the kitchen for sugar.
2012-11-13 001 114
I have a million and one blank  thank you cards all in a pile in my second drawer. I get really excited when I see cute ones on sale, so I buy them. The second drawer is also where I keep my note cards, back up post it notes (doesn’t everyone have those…?)
2012-11-13 001 116
The third drawer is as close to a junk drawer as I have. Hole punch, extra notepads, old phone cases, a box full of miscellaneous wires, and my crayons.
On top of the desk:
2012-11-13 002 0012012-11-13 002 004
I keep a desk lamp on so that it’s brighter wherever I’m working. Have you ever read for five hours straight in just overhead light and then tried to look somewhere else? Painful. Lesson learned, the lamp helps. My whiteboard markers are nearby for last minute schedule changes. I keep my iPad near by since some of my books are electronic. My desk organizer holds post it notes, mail that needs to be sent, and coupons. Obviously my phone and planner are next to me to remind me about what I need to get done. And my wireless mouse, the greatest invention ever. If you don’t have one, seriously go get one. I didn’t want one at first because I felt like a laptop kinda required you use a touchpad, but now I hate using my computer without it. I also write myself little notes/reminders on post it notes and put them in the space between my calendar and my desk. It’s eye level so I see them when I look up, but it’s not in your face attention grabbing.

Okay, spill. How do you organize your work space? Do you have a system going or is it just a free for all?

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