Awkward and Awesome Thursday




  • Tuesday was my first day off in three or four days, so that night I decided to do a facial mask so I’d feel relaxed and rested dealing with holiday customers yesterday. Instead, I had a bad reaction to it and went to work yesterday with a swollen and burnt face.
  • I JUST filled out my calendar for December, even though December is definitely almost over.
  • The women at McD’s LOVE Toby and get so excited when he comes through the drive thru with me. I didn’t bring him yesterday, because I was just running by on my way home from dropping my brother off at school. So I get up there and all the say to me is “Where’s Toby!?”
  • Walking into Wal-Mart wearing brown leggings, a cream t shirt, grey sweatshirt and black fuzzy slippers with a hole in the toe. Completed with bedhead. I needed to return something, and I was in the area. I have never gotten so many weird looks at Wal-Mart. Ever. Including the time I went off on those 14 year old boys.


  • The sweet kids at my register yesterday excitedly telling me about what they asked Santa for, how cool he was and asking if I was an elf since I was in the mall near where he was sitting.
  • Candles that make the whole room smell like cookies.
  • Thursday is workout clothes to work day. I love comfy days.
  • Being upset last night, and Callie getting as close to me as possible, and kneading on me until I fell asleep. I don’t care if that makes me a crazy cat lady, it’s ridiculous how well they can pick up on me not feeling good.

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Alana Christine said...

hahaha. People recognize you at McDonald's by your dog. Might be a sign that you go there too often...