Ladies night


Does anyone else have those moments sometimes where you lose your breath and realize you’ve end up in the exact place you were meant to be? That’s how Friday ended up. Two of my fave fellow single ladies took me to their church for a film festival on missions. And the further in they got, the more I started realizing how much everything all made sense. All the tears, heart break and praying for peace had a purpose. It brought me to where I need to be. Right now. That utter inner peace.

After the film festival, all we wanted was cake. Because Valentine’s Day is meant for sugar rushes, and we didn’t have valentines so by golly, we were going to get it somehow. ( I can’t believe I just used by golly in a sentence…) So we went and got the stuff for cake, then stopped for pizza. I went in to pay because they needed to stay with K’s dog. But when I went in, I didn’t have enough cash on me. Sooo the girl says “You’re cute. Pizza’s on me.”

K just moved into a new house, and that’s where we went for our girl’s night. She starts pre-heating the oven and prepping the cake while we’re all talking about boys and make up. Normal stuff. Then the house starts to smell really strongly of gas. And we find a gas leak. Which means no using the stove, no baking a cake, and spending ten minutes with our heads in the fresh air.

BUT WE STILL HAVEN’T HAD OUR VALENTINES DAY SUGAR RUSH. So, like every normal twenty something, we just ladle spoonful's of mix into mugs and eat it raw.

There’s a very good chance I ended the night with a natural gas high or salmonella. That’s what girls night is for, right?


And that’s all I have to say about that.

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