Some things I know

  1. Life is easier with best friends. (And I can back this up, because we just learned the positive psychological effect friends have on you. BAM.)
  2. I would be a zombie if I ever quit coffee.
  3. I’m only excited about this whole surgery thing because it means I’ll be forced to sleep.
  4. It’s probably better to hang out with someone who has similar opinions on rewatching movies as you. I like to watch good ones two or three times. Some people don’t. Those people aren’t going to be watching movies with me multiple times then.
  5. SongPop stresses me out but I can’t stop, and Farkle makes me scared to move until I’ve spent all my chips. Why are apps so addicting?
  6. Sometimes it feels like my day isn’t interesting unless something happens worth instagramming.
  7. Some really weird people go to Wal-Mart late at night.
  8. Your favorite retail store probably isn’t the ideal pick up spot, especially if you don’t buy anything.
  9. Tyler Knott Gregson is my favorite poet of all time, and I feel so old saying that.
  10. 1 Peter 3:3-4 should be read everyday.

1 comment:

Niken said...

i'll go nuts without coffee. and yes, life is easier with best friends :)