Don’t hate me but…


This little sucker is finding a new home today, due to his decision to straight up clamp down on my hand until I shook him off, all because I picked up a piece of trash. (As in, I’m completely the victim here) So now I’m over here with bruises in the shape of his teeth and jaw, and soon to be puppy-less.

But on a more positive note…


I got my three year pin, recognized a football team by name AND got my favorite cupcake all in one day. Callie gave Toby some goodbye kisses, and he bit her in response because he’s a fighter not a lover lately. YEE-HAWra and I were reunited after the longest Spring Break ever, I bought my new favorite spring shirt and that handsome blonde boy came back to see me/take the worst picture of me ever/go eat at Central Market and people watch. And then we ooovo-ed, if you must know.



….That run down deserves some coffee.

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Niken said...

okay, i believe that you're the victim