College diaries: When Midterms hit


All semesters seem to happen the same. You start out super excited about having new classes, a chance at an even better GPA. Then a month passes, the newness wears off and you just fall into the school, study, work, sleep, repeat routine. But all of a sudden out of no where midterms hit and you’re wondering where the heck the first half of the semester went, how you’re supposed to remember 10 chapters for each of your classes and your brain is going to explode.

I kinda have it easy this semester, so I shouldn't whine too much. I had one of my midterms before spring break, and then have two this week, which is way more manageable than having them all back to back. BUT midterms still freak me out. Even when they’re that simple.

This week I have the midterm for my new major’s class, and one for my old major. So it’s like this super weird limbo thing. Do I REALLY like advertising enough to do it forever and ever? Or should I stick with what I know in psychology, even if it means I’d be a semester behind now and miserable everyday? Or what if I get to my last semester and realize neither one of them are for me and I wasted four years of my life? So many questions, absolutely no answers.

And it’s kinda one of those things where like. I know I’m good at selling things to people. But by things I mean jeans and credit cards, and by people I mean men who are proposing to me in the middle of the mall and little girls who think I’m the coolest thing ever because I’m 21. Call me crazy, but I don’t think there’s a huge market for that. So it’s not like I can major in that.

I don’t really want to just get a MRS and do that forever. Because I know myself well enough to know that at some point, I’d wake up bored out of my mind and need to have something of my own that I can feel proud of. Something besides mastering every recipe on Pinterest.

Which means that this is going to be another semester where I have those deep thoughts, then just give up and go dye my roots/drink some more coffee. I can figure it out next semester.

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