Anna’s brilliant idea #12918

I keep having these moments where I want to be a genius SO BAD. So I come up with these ideas, and picture everyone thinking “WOW ANNA IS SO SMART!” Never mind that 99% of the time my brilliant ideas are actually just me using common sense and feeling really proud of it. Obviously it’s not so common in my world…

So, I wake up and get to school early to work out. And I know at some point I’m going to have to do my make up because I work after class. But GENIUS IDEA ALERT, I’ll just do my make up after the work out. Then after the work out I’m feeling pretty lazy so I decide I’ll do it in the ten minutes before work.

Cut to me in the parking lot. Don’t have my make up. Just have some bright red lip stain. Decide that this could still work, since lately I’ve been having some weirdos come in and comment on my future wife abilities/ask to take me to dinner/home/offer to buy me some drinks. My whole thought process was maybe this would slow this down so I could have a whole shift without awkwardness. Yeah, I forgot that my life is nothing but awkwardness. Wishful thinking on my part, I suppose.

And I guess it kinda worked, because I only got a “If you weren’t so pretty, I’d whisper yell at you!”, a very angry “WHY DON’T YOU SPEAK SPANISH!? WHAT A DISHONOR TO YOUR CULTURE” and a very weird “Oh, why don’t you have any kids ma’am?”

But now I can’t find my make up bag. And it’s weird.

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