What I should be doing

  • studying
  • writing a post with meaning
  • laying in a dark room with a cold cloth on head
  • sleeping
  • some more studying
  • icing my knee
  • cleaning

What I’m actually doing

  • watching the same Full House I watched this morning
  • looking up people I was “enemies” with in high school and gloating. Or turning green with envy, depending.
  • bending my knee a million times because they sports taped it at PT and it’s the weirdest feeling now.
  • debating if I should webMD migraine cures or just pretend I’m not getting one and hope it goes away.
  • mentally willing my laundry to go wash itself. not working.

1 comment:

Erin // Studio336 said...

Couldn't help but laugh at this post. In an "I know that feeling.." sort of way.

Migraine cures(sort of)(for me anyway):
-ice pack over eyes or at the base of my head
-hot shower(pre ice pack)
-excedrin migraine, muscle relaxer/benedryl
-HUGE glass of water
-or, abortive meds
-I read something once about sting rays being the answer to migraines.. or I dreamt about it while in a migraine haze

basically good luck finding a cure :/ feel better!