Girl, look at that body.



  • How few poses I actually do when taking webcam pictures. (See above)
  • Having a group of fourth grade girls gathered around me when one says to me “So, are you having a girl?” “No, I’m not pregnant.” “Oh, I figured you were since Beyonce is and you’re grown like her” Like it’s completely logical that Beyonce and I would conceive children at the same time.
  • The little second grader who came up to me today and said “If you’re so old, why don’t you have white hair?” He thought that until you get white hair, you’re seven years old. So when I told him I was nineteen, that was too much for him to understand.
  • Get to school early. Sit in parking lot doing my make up. Parking ticket officer is doing his rounds. He comes up to my car about eight times  and awkwardly looks in at me. Yes, I’m putting on make up for a nine AM class, even though everyone else here is wearing Nike Shorts and a t shirt. Get over it.
  • People who have met me several times, but still don’t know my name. A-N-N-A. It’s two letters, then repeat. Geeze.


  • Seeing Chicago on stage before watching the movie. I love both, but I think I wouldn’t have been so obsessed with the stage version if I had seen the movie already.
  • Getting to work one on one with a “problem” child, and seeing him proud of himself.
  • The advice one of the teachers I work with gave me yesterday. We were talking about my boyfriend and he told me “The thing to remember is that men act like they’re fourteen sometimes, and it’s okay. He’ll act like fourteen, and that’ll balance you out. It’s okay to have fun. Just like you act like you’re eighty sometimes, and that balances him out. He needs that motivation.” We weren’t having a particular problem, but still just hearing someone else remind me that it’s normal we have different personalities and that as long as we focus on loving each other, it’ll work out.
  • It' almost being FRIDAY! I am so ready to sleep all day Saturday.
  • Making new friends at school.
  • This body pillow Cody bought me a few weeks ago. It was ten dollars at wal-mart, so soft and the most relaxing thing to lay on.

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