The thoughts that run through my head fifteen minutes before class starts.

AKA. Why Cody turns his phone off every morning an hour before my classes start.

(I legitimately wrote down every thought I had for fifteen minutes that seemed important.)

Okay, time to walk in. Got my lily Pulitzer laptop bag that isn’t even carrying my laptop. I’m a genius.

If you’re showing up a leg tattoo, you know everyone will look at your leg. But if we can barely see it because of your stubble, shave your legs woman!

Wait, crap. Did I really break my razor in half this morning by accident?

Is it almost time to leave and get Sonic?

Why does my teacher count tardies if she’s always late to class?

Woman. I can’t feel my arm from holding this dang heavy bag. HURRY UP!

You would show up the second I put my bag on the ground.



Normally, all of those would be texted to Cody. I’m so good to him.


I know today’s supposed to be what I’m loving Wednesday, but I have nothing new to share.



But I’m still lovin’ some hot pink lips and nerd glasses.

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