Awkward and Awesome

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  • Creeps. Or even worse, persistent creeps.
  • Wanting to be nice and give your pet the bone from your poke chop, then realizing you only have cats and a hermit crab. None of whom like to gnaw on bones. It was a nice gesture, right?
  • Sending “Puedes ser mi valentine?” to someone and confusing the response. Hermosa doesn’t mean beach OR sister in Spanish.
  • Doing taxes. And then deciding do figure out how many hours you worked based on your earnings. Guys, I worked 607.733 hours last year. I’m not sure if I’m annoyed because I’m wasting my youth away making dollasss, or proud that I did that AND balanced going to school full time. I’ll let you know later.
  • E-mailing your teacher to confirm that you are indeed on Chapter 1 and can continue doing the online work as you have been for the last TWO HOURS, and getting an email back saying that you’re on Chapter 6. I’ve been to class every day.
  • I still need to do my online bio lab that’s due Saturday. Which is more irresponsible than awkward. But it’s still awkward that I have to do it.
  • How no one tells you it will still hurt sometimes from this side of things too. And some songs will still have the power to shatter your heart.
  • Getting my taxes done! And the money I get back. Even if I still don’t get why they took it out in the first place just to give it back. And even if every time I ask my parents they tell me Income taxes and tax returns aren’t a joking matter. I’m being serious, though. For real, why are you taking my money now if you’re just going to return it later? Is it a savings thing? Or just based on how much I make in a year?
  • When I started my current job, I had the option to start a retirement account through my job, so there’s no way for me to touch it. Realizing that as immature as I feel 92% of the time, I have that retirement fund going every month, and it’s already got a nice little cushion on it.
  • People who call me, ask me what I’m doing and when I say I’m online shopping automatically tell me to stop ,and that I don’t need anything else. That’s true friendship. And makes me really thankful for all my lady friends who encourage my shopping. I need more clothes, okay?
  • Realizing I need a few hours to disconnect from everything and just veg. And then being able to do it. And enjoy it. And chill.
  • Being assertive. Even if right now it hasn’t gotten me exactly what I need/want, it’s at least started that pathway.
  • Being able to take care of myself, be by myself, and solve problems by myself. HOLLLLLLLA!
  • The fact that I’m rebelling and posting this Wednesday night. Like, literally, this is how I get my kicks. Breaking dumb unwritten rules. I know, I’m so wild.
  • Asking some kinders what people needed to accomplish before they got married and being told "You need a man. That's all. Once you got a man, you just do it!" and then the boy who yelled "MISS ANNA! You don't need a man, you a single woman. Plus, I don't like men. I like GIRLS!" 


modern Suburbanites said...

i agree. no one likes a creeper. your necklace is super cute!


Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

HAHAHAHA... I just love your posts :)

And just sayin... I loved Tax Time when I was a single, hard working, fulltime college student :):):) Tax returns are the bestest! :) Not sure how all that works now that I don't work and I'm filing with the hubs.... But I do have my W2's from my last job to file! We shall see...

Oh btw, way to go with the retirement already! haha :)

and um... gotta love little kiddos ;)


Anna Elizabeth said...

I don't know how many nail blogs you follow, but I thought you'd appreciate this: http://www.chalkboardnails.com/2012/02/whoo-loves-you.html

Meagan Murtagh said...

getting your taxes done is the biggest weight off your shoulders!

love your blog

xo the egg out west.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

ok, i never thought i would say that i'm tired of beyonce's boobies, but seriously...they were ALL over that video.

Victoria said...

There will always be moments that it still hurts... a lot. Songs bring it up for me most of the time... Sometimes I find it's just what I need though, to listen to a song that takes me back and just cry. When it's over I dry my tears and continue my day feeling a lot better after I let it all out :)

Catherine said...

Loving that necklace!!!

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