Voting and clothes

Okay, so first off. Everyone go vote for me. There will be something in it for you someday, promise.

Is anyone else super ready for Spring? Technically Texas hasn't had a "winter" yet, since every single day has been around 60 degrees, but I miss not having to find a cardigan every day. And my leather sandals. And pedicures. Maybe I'm just a Spring person.

But why I REALLY want Spring for is all the clothes. I've been stalking Pinterest for the last week mentally preparing my wardrobe.

Cute colors with a tanCoral + Lavenderthe white&lime; green stripes are lovely.blue hues... Caribbean cocktail   love the coloroutfit & hairfeminine & comfortable

Any day now..

Side note: Today is officially the kinda day where it REALLY sucks to be alone.


KnittedFox said...

How fun! I voted for you! Good luck!!!

modern Suburbanites said...

gorgeous photos! voted for you.


Alana Christine said...

I voted for you. They made me verify I was a human.
There better be something good in it for me ; )

BTW, please take your word verification off--I hate it. It annoys me.


La Mode by Marianne said...

I voted! :)

And I looove that orange dress with the turquoise necklace - its officially my favorite color combo for spring!

Cami said...

I orange dress/romper is cute!

<3-Cami from First Day of My Life