Snapshots of the week

Job interview outfit, pictures from the Allen USA event, sweet Puppy discovering how comfy owls can be.

Trying to avoid cleaning my room, pictures from the Miss Texas orientation.

E and his poor cone head dog, Oovoo-ing, Toby passed out after a hard day.

Say Hello to pageant bod, now say good bye to pageant bod, statigram stats.

E and I had some major adventures this weekend. Thursday we rented Brake from Redbox. It was honestly one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen, not worth your time. It’s about this federal agent who’s locked in a trunk and has to get out to prevent a terrorist attack. Which has the potential to be really good, except the entire thing is set in the trunk, it makes no sense, and it’s just bad.
Friday we went to The Joint. It’s a franchise chain of Chiropractors, that’s cheap and doesn’t require health insurance. E has been complaining about his back hurting for as long as I’ve known him. Your first visit is only $19 so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to see if he liked it. They were so nice and explained the process behind everything they did. Definitely worth checking out if you’ve ever wanted to try a chiropractor.


Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Hi, my name is Ashley... I'm your long lost friend who is currently stalking you :)

Ps, so jealous of that BOD! OMG!

Courtney B said...

Sometimes I get really annoyed that I just spent a buck on a LAME movie from the Redbox.... ha ha! They shouldn't even bother putting in movies that suck :)

Melissa88Senick said...

Great pics!!!


Sammantha said...

"except the entire thing is set in a trunk" - LOL!!!


sophistifunk said...

you look aaaaamazing in your bikini pic! and your necklace in the first photo is so cute :)

p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

xo brie

Anonymous said...

Now following you, cute blog! :) Come check out my link up today.

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