I believe:

that there is no better thing then laying in bed with a sleepy kitten cuddled up to you.

that God provides.

that love somehow finds a way, if you work at it.

dressing up will always boost your mood.

in smiling at strangers.

in the power of prayer.

that everyone needs those best friends who help you through everything.

that unexpected flowers are the sweetest gift.

owls are the best animal of all time.

that this quote was creepily written about my life.

that bingo is the most entertaining way to spend a lazy day.

in laughter.

that McDonald’s has the most delicious iced coffee.

that highlighting my study guides actually helps.

the best way to handle pain and stress is to find something to laugh at in the situation.

that you can never have too many shoes.

that people will come into your life who become your family.

that puppies with mohawks are irresistible.

in living by example.

in finding never ending beauty and joy wherever you go.

and that this blog is my all time favorite. Winking smile


Kait said...

Umm..you are beautiful and I loved your list! So happy I found you via the link-up!


Anonymous said...

hey there! newest follower to your blog from the linkup! LOOVED your list.. how cute is your sweet kitty!?!? so adorbs :)so happy to have found your blog and would love if you followed back!

Blue Dog Belle said...

honestly. Is there anything better than snuggling with a sleeping kitten on you?

xo, Emily

Rachel said...

It's pretty much true that you can't have too many shoes. And smiling at strangers? That's a really good idea. I know I feel happier when I just walk past someone who is obviously happy.

Sapir @ The Sapphire Queen said...

I loved pretty much everything on this list! Especially that first picture with your cat...and the Proverbs quote...and your shoe collection haha
I'm so glad I found your blog from the hop, can't wait to read more!

Donna McMorrow said...

Adorable list. Love the kitten picture.

Janna Renee said...

Your kitty sleeping on you just melted my heart!